Why don't we make a Pumpkin Spice candle???

Why don't we make a Pumpkin Spice candle???

It’s back-to-school season and the end of August, which means Fall is quickly approaching! Autumn is a favorite season for many because of the candles, sweaters, Halloween, and Pumpkin Spice! We’re particularly busy at Fontana getting ready for the busy season and pouring all of our signature fall scents… so why don’t we have a pumpkin spice candle? 

Almost all of the biggest brands have a pumpkin spice candle, so why don’t we? Unfortunately working only with natural ingredients instead of chemical fragrance can have its limitations. While we have essential oils for each of the spices you’d find in a pumpkin pie, there’s no easy way to capture the pumpkin scent. This is because there’s no true pumpkin essential oil, just like there isn’t an apple essential oil, either! While essential oils could be sourced from different parts of the plant, like the pumpkin seeds or leaves instead, it doesn’t keep the unique pumpkin-y scent. 


You may see natural candles or essential oils named “Pumpkin Pie” or “Pumpkin Spice” and assume there might be a hint of pumpkin in there, but the secret is that there almost never is! They typically only contain the spices that would be used in a pumpkin pie, same as the ones that they sprinkle on top of your PSL: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and sometimes allspice. Pumpkin spice essential oils sometimes also include cardamom, vanilla, and citrus to add further complexity to the scent. 

If you’re still craving pumpkin spice but are committed to using clean candles, what do we recommend instead? 

  1. Our Spiced Latte was actually made with the PSL in mind! If you’re a coffee lover, this is a must-try! 
  2. Cinnamon Orange Clove is our iconic fall scent that no one can get enough of this time of year! It’s perfect as the weather begins to get colder. This scent also comes in a room spray, if you want to spread it throughout your home! 
  3. Our Citrus Peel & Pine is another autumn favorite that smells exactly like the woods when the trees start to turn yellow. It’s enough to make you want to fast-forward through the end of the summer and straight into Fall! This also comes in a room spray if you just can't get enough!
  4. If you prefer something on the sweeter side, we’d recommend Allspice Ginger and Vanilla! It’s a warm scent, reminiscent of baked goods and holiday sweets! 

All of these Fall Favorite Fontana scents are MADE SAFE CertifiedThe MADE SAFE® seal confirms that a household product is free of any and all toxins known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems. Certified goods have been thoroughly examined by researchers and scientists to ensure they’re made without known behavioral toxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, flame retardants, heavy metals, neurotoxins, high risk pesticides, reproductive toxins, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs.


P.S. We might still be working on a special new Fall scent for this year… stay tuned!