Palo Santo & Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Candles

Palo Santo & Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Candles

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we only Use Safe Ingredients

Fontana products contain zero harmful chemicals. Each ingredient that we use is carefully chosen, simple, non-toxic and all-natural.


Coconut oil

Pure essential oils

Third Party Certified

Handcrafted in the US

fontana’s mission

100% All-Natural Ingredients for a Healthier Home

We believe that everyone should be able to scent their homes without exposing themselves and their loved ones to toxins.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Beautiful smell! Most candles are too perfume-y for me but this candle has a soft fragrance that smells natural. Love it!!

Danielle Smith
A favorite of ours

Every time I burn this one my husband comments on how much he likes it. I think it makes the house feel so peaceful

Michaelle Adams
My first and favorite!

This scent is the very first one I tried when I discovered Fontana on Integrity Botanicals, a green beauty online retailer. I’d never heard of Fontana but was immediately intrigued that it was good enough to make IB offer candles?? I’ve always loved candles but there’s so few out there that are truly ‘clean’ so I rarely purchased them anymore. Well, these are fantastic! I love that they use beeswax, the gold standard wax for candles and add coconut oil to help them liquify and burn more completely. The aromas are enough to freshen a space and set a mood without being heavy or too faint. I burned the palo grapefruit at our cabin and it gave the most wonderfully grounded, comforting feel. It’s a great evening scent, in my opinion, and still my favorite Fontana blend. These candles are also now a go-to gift for teachers, gal pals, co-workers, etc.

Gena Martin
Light and natural

Love the scent this candle leaves. it's not strong at all. it is very natural in scent and not overpowering.

Meredith Iacocca

Palo Santo is one of my all time favorite scents, and we burn it regularly at our house. So I knew I had to try this candle. And it didn’t disappoint!!! It is a truly lovely scent, and the hint of citrus is so nice. I want my house to smell like this forever!

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