Pale Gold Glass EO Diffuser


  • Ultrasonic vapor diffusing preserves the effects of essential oils, instead of heating or burning them, which may destroy their original molecular structure
  • Ultrasonic transducer vibrates at a frequency of 2.4M x per second, producing water and essential oil molecules that are easily absorbed into the body
  • Ultrasonic water-oxygen diffusing produces abundant healthy anions
  • One button with selectable diffusing durations
  • Combines aroma therapy, aqua therapy, and light therapy.


How To Use:

  1. Connect power to the power DC jack.
  2. Fill water sink with hot water - not higher than water level line.
  3. Add 4 to 5 drops of water-soluble essential oil. The amount of oil added can be more or less according to the setting of the device. 
  4. Replace diffuser cover, install extension tube. 
  5. Replace ceramic case. Make sure to cover the silicone o-ring.
  6. Press On/Off button and select the setting.
*Caution: To prevent damage to the internal parts, do not use water hotter than 55° C (131° F). Only use clean water to prevent clogging and damage to the transducer piece. Only use water-soluble essential oils.  

Power Control Mode Instructions:

Mist mode & on/off button with color indicator: Press once.
Background color LED light on/off function: Quickly press the button twice.
1| Continuous Mode - Red Light: Mist emits continuously. Automatically turns off after 4 hours of operation.
2| Continuous High Mode - Blue Light: Mist emits continuously. Automatically turns off after 2.5 hours of operation.
3| Intervals of 30 Seconds Mode - Green Light: Mist emits at intervals of 30 seconds. Automatically turns off after 6 hours of operation.
4| 2 Hour Timer - Purple Light: Mist emits continuously. Automatically turns off after 2 hours of operation.
5| Power Off - No Light: Mist off.

Cleaning Instructions:

Always unplug the adaptor from the device before performing any maintenance. Clean the water basin before using different essential oil. Clean off any residue (white mineral deposits and debris) from the transducer piece. Do not rinse the device or soak the device in water. Do not pour any water or liquid into the vent. Clean surface with a soft cloth.