Illuminated Wax Warmer
Illuminated Wax Warmer
Illuminated Wax Warmer

Illuminated Wax Warmer

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You've asked us for our favorite Wax Warmer, and this is it!

Black and white hand blown glass is illuminated by a halogen bulb that warms the wax melts in the dish, releasing their aroma into the air.

Pair with our pure essential oil wax melts, for a completely delightful and beautiful scent experience, without the flame of our candles!

We highly recommend Wax Warmers for families with young children, and pets.

Fragrance sensitivity warning: The company that manufacturers these warmers works with fragrance oils and we noticed the smell of fragrance from the boxes when we received this shipment. For our customers with fragrance sensitivity, we highly recommend opening the box outside and disposing of it before bringing the melter into your home.