Mini Bath Soak & Renew Sampler Set
Mini Bath Soak & Renew Sampler Set
Mini Bath Soak & Renew Sampler Set
Mini Bath Soak & Renew Sampler Set

Mini Bath Soak & Renew Sampler Set

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Soak & Renew Bath Salts Gift Set

Share The Love With A Soak & Renew Gift Set

Our Soak & Renew collection features deliberately crafted bath salts for a high-quality, natural experience. Give your friends and loved ones the gift of an at-home spa treatment with our gift set. This set is also a great option to find your favorite scent from our collection!

Featuring smaller, 2 oz. sizes of our Soak & Renew scents, including:

  • Lavender 
  • Lemongrass Eucalyptus 
  • Palo Santo & Grapefruit 
  • Wildflower Citrus 

Each mini-sized package is enough for one soak. Simply empty the contents into warm, flowing water, wait for it to dissolve, and enjoy the soothing aroma of essential oils with the benefits of epsom and mineral salts.

Hand-Selected Ingredients For A Truly Non-Toxic Product

Fontana is founded on transparency. From the beginning our mission has been to create non-toxic products free from artificial fragrance and other harmful ingredients. That’s why we hand-selected every ingredient and work closely with partners we trust to deliver safe, quality products. 

Every bath salt we offer shares four core ingredients:

  • Dead Sea mineral salts 
  • Epsom salt
  • Coconut oil
  • Essential oil

Some include small amounts of botanicals, like our lavender scent, for the added benefits of that ingredient. 

And just like our candles, you can rest assured knowing that your bath salt gift set is MADE SAFE® certified, so your gift will contribute to a healthy home. 

Please note this is a final sale item, and is not eligible for returns and exchanges through Re:Do

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Relaxation at it's finest

I love these bath salts. All of the scents are amazing! I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after using them in a nice long tub soak!

Shelbie Thomas
Love it!

I love epsom salt baths and how relaxed and refreshed I feel after! The Lavender and lemongrass were my favorites!

Enjoying the wildflower scent

I tried the Eucalyptus, Wildflower, and Lavender varieties. My favorite is Wildflower lavender is nice as well and little lavender flowers are a nice touch! Was not a fan of the eucalyptus, not a pleasant scent for me. The quality is great and I felt fantastic after each bath, but I used two big handfuls , 2 oz just didn’t seem enough. Another small drawback is that the packet doesn’t close very well and the salt ended up absorbing a lot of water and became mushy after a few weeks. I don’t think if affected the quality. Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase and would like to try the palo santo variety when I get through my current haul! Thank you for making a natural product in a recyclable package:) cheers!