Is Sourdough Healthy, and Why is it so Popular?

Is Sourdough Healthy, and Why is it so Popular?

Sourdough has surged in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to the Covid pandemic and TikTok trends. From dining out to store-bought options, and even homemade attempts, sourdough bread has truly made a comeback. But how much do we really know about sourdough, and is it actually healthy for you?

Historical Roots:

Sourdough dates back to around 1500 BC, originating with the ancient Egyptians. For much of history, sourdough was the primary method for making leavened bread until baker's yeast took over a few centuries ago. Unlike other breads, sourdough leverages wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria—naturally present in flour—to rise.

Gut Health:

Not all bread is created equal, and sourdough offers distinct health benefits. The fermentation process enhances prebiotic and probiotic-like properties. Probiotics thrive in your gut, while prebiotics serve as their nourishment. Together, they aid digestion, boost immunity, and help convert food into energy. The healthy bacteria from sourdough fermentation can be highly beneficial for gut health.

Easier Digestion of Gluten:

The fermentation process in sourdough may also aid in the digestion of gluten. Lactic acid and wild yeast neutralize phytate, a substance that hinders mineral absorption. By lowering the pH of sourdough, lactic acid reduces phytate levels, making it easier for the body to absorb essential minerals. While there isn't enough research to confirm its safety for those with celiac disease, individuals with gluten intolerance might find sourdough easier to enjoy without adverse effects.

Stable Blood Sugar Levels:

Carbohydrates typically spike blood sugar levels, but fermented grain-based foods like sourdough are less likely to do so. Though researchers are still exploring the reasons, it's believed that the fermentation process alters the carb molecule structure. Lactic acid bacteria in fermented grains might also help stabilize blood sugar, though more research is needed to fully understand this phenomenon.

The Sourdough Trend:

Sourdough gained modern traction during the Covid pandemic when many people had extra time on their hands. The multi-day process of making sourdough at home turned into a popular hobby. As people returned to their routines, TikTok kept sourdough in the spotlight. It's hard to scroll through your feed without seeing a bubbling starter or a beautifully designed loaf. With a growing awareness of food ingredients and household chemicals, the "homestead" lifestyle has become trendy, and sourdough is at its heart.

Our Contribution:

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