"Imperfect" Seconds

    Believe it or not, not every candle we make is perfect!

    It's time we take our popular "seconds sale" that we usually do on Instagram, on to our website!

    These candles still smell great, but may have cracks, bubbles, dents in the tins, and misaligned wicks.

    Take a chance on scent, and receive our candles at a BIG discount:

    Receive one random scent of our candle in the size of your choice.

    Please note, these candles are being sold as-is, all sales are final. We will not guarantee the burn of these imperfect candles. They have an X marked on the label to indicate that they are an imperfect and not our regular stock.

    **Coupon codes are not valid on seconds. 

    ***We are not able to fulfill requests for specific scents. If you order multiples, we can not guarantee repeat scent selection won't happen.