Spring & Summer Scents

    Scent Strength

    All-Natural Spring & Summer Scented Candles and Essential Oil Blends For Your Home

    Spring and summer bring rain showers, blooming flowers, and long warm days. At Fontana Candle Co., we think of the many scents that complement this half of the year - citrus, mint, lemongrass, and many more!

    Our collection of spring and summer candles are clean burning and won’t overpower your senses like traditional fragrance oil and paraffin candles do. We’ve carefully crafted all-natural, non-toxic candles scented with pure essential oils. Shop our full selection to find the perfect candle scent for your home during a relaxing spring afternoon or cool summer night! 

    Fontana scents are available as pure essential oils, too! 

    A Commitment To Clean Burning And Safe Products  

    We started Fontana with a commitment to the safety of our customers. Our non-toxic candles are made from natural ingredients: 

    • Beeswax
    • Coconut oil
    • Pure essential oils
    • Wooden wicks 

    We source our ingredients from quality partners and embrace transparency by ensuring our candles are MADE SAFE® certified. When you shop our spring and summer candle collection, know the air you’re breathing is safe and free of harmful chemicals!