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The clean candle difference

Beeswax + Coconut Oil | Essential Oils + Wood Wicks | MADE SAFE® Certified

Fill your home with the scents you trust.

Soap & Renew with our 100% Natural MADE SAFE® Certified Bar Soap Collection

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MADE SAFE® certified | 100% Natural | Flameless Scenting Option

The world is full of toxins, but we don't think they should be in your home!

Most fragrance and candle companies are full of toxic secrets. We believe "Fragrance" is a bad word. It is a catch all term that hides up to 3,000 different chemicals; many of which are endocrine disruptors, respiratory irritants, and even carcinogens.

This is why you won't find ANY fragrance in our products. Fontana is committed to creating the cleanest home scenting products possible, using only simple, all-natural ingredients. There are no secrets here. Only beeswax, coconut oil, and pure essential oils.

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The Clean Candle Difference

Why Choose Beeswax & Essential Oil Candles?

Your home should be a healthy, happy place - free from toxins and chemicals. Traditional candles contain chemicals that are bad for your family’s health. So we hand-selected ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil that are natural and safe. Learn more about our company and our commitment to non-toxic products.

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Pure Vanilla

Our Most Requested Scent

It took our team 3 years to source this Vanilla oil that smells amazing, meets our ingredient standards for purity, and burns so evenly and clean.

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100% Natural Bath Salt Collection

Soak & Renew

Using our favorite ingredients that stay true to our heritage, our bath soak is a fun way to elevate your self-care rituals by mixing and matching bath soak scents with your favorite Fontana Candles!

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What do our #CleanCandle fans love about Fontana?

"I’m in love after 10 year of not having candles and thinking in the last year I found some safe ones, I can totally tell yours are different! Thanks so much for putting love into a great product!"


"Fontana candles do NOT disappoint! Fantastic scent to the very end and because they are natural, no headache! Thrilled I found Fontana Candle Co!"


"I love your products so much! My mom was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and was told to not be around chemical scents. These candles have been such a joy for her while battling cancer. Thank you for creating this product!"