Preparing Your Mind and Body for Daylight Savings

Preparing Your Mind and Body for Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings Time is around the corner, and it often symbolizes the start of sunny, warm days, but did you know that our mental and physical health can be negatively impacted by the time change?

Over 300 million people are affected by Daylight Savings and will be running on less sleep than usual, making it a recipe for disaster. When our sleep cycle is thrown off, some people will feel more than just a little tired. Losing an hour of sleep during Spring Forward can increase the risk of health issues for some, such as a heart attack or stroke. Hospitals see a spike in emergency room visits and admissions during this time and a study in 2020 found that fatal car accidents occur 6% more frequently after setting our clocks forward.

Our mental health is also affected when we lose sleep to Daylight Savings. While the idea of having more light in the afternoons and evenings sound great, having the sun still shining closer to our usual bedtimes can make it hard to fall asleep. Our bodies work best when we fall along with our circadian rhythms, meaning we wake up with the sun and we wind down with the night. Misalignment of our sleep cycle can lead to poorer mental health, a decrease in cognitive performance and decrease in motor skills.

While there are many debates about the necessity of Daylight Savings Time, there are some tips you can follow to prepare your body and mind for the change:

  1. Gradually adjust your sleep schedule by going to bed 15-20 minutes earlier every day during the week leading up to Daylight Savings

  2. Get plenty of sleep leading up to the time change to "bank" your sleep hours

  3. Go outside in the morning and spend time in the sun. This will help your body to adjust to the change.

  4. If possible, schedule important events or meetings for later in the week when you have had more time to adjust.

  5. Use relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises before bed to allow your body to feel relaxed and tired.

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