Finding your favorite Fontana scents

We often get asked for scent recommendations, which can be tricky since scent is such a personal preference! Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find your favorite scent. Our Scent Strength Indicator was designed to help establish a level of reference for the hot scent throw to better assist customer's in selecting the scents that will best meet their expectations.


LIGHT: This scent is sheer, soft and subtle.


MODERATE: This scent is noticeable and pleasant.


STRONG: This scent is bold and more intense with a scent throw that will carry over a distance.



We also have a few tips to use along with our scent strength indicator:

+ Product Size: Consider purchasing the smaller of our candles (6 ounce tin) until you know which scents you prefer.

+ Scent Samplers: Consider our scent sampler bundle as it allows you to purchase several scents at a discounted rate which allows you to experience a variety of our scents!

+ EO Candles: We do market all of our candles as "lightly scented" in relation to the strength of a traditional fragrance oil candle. Even our "moderate" and "strong" options will smell light in comparison to most fragrance candles. 

+ Refund & Exchange Policy: And finally, please read our return and exchange policies before contacting our team. We are always so disappointed to hear when a customer does not like their candle, but honestly, the rude comments and unrealistic expectations are . We aren’t Amazon! We make intentional efforts to be transparent when we say we do not have a satisfaction guaranteed policy for burned candles. We want you to LOVE every one of our candle's but that just isn't realistic!