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I’m so glad I found Fontana Candle Company!

"Your mission at Fontana is so important, and so personal to so many of us. Thank you for creating a brand that I can feel confident and safe in using – even around my most vulnerable child."


Fontana Fresh Mint and Lime lightly scented candle being sniffed by a dog
I haven’t used scented candles in years due to the lack of healthy options on the market.

"With your essential oil candles I can finally create a cozy environment with amazing scents without worrying of harming myself or my family with paraffin wax, pesticide filled soy, or toxic fragrance. I’ve been burning the Cinnamon Orange Clove nonstop. It is the perfect sweet and spiciness for fall and winter. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by Patchouli Cedarwood’s relaxing, crisp aroma. It’s perfect  next to the bath or on the nightstand. The subtle crack of the woodwick is delightful as well. I love that you offer sampler sets and will be ordering more as soon as possible!"


"I haven’t bought a candle in years due to the ingredients used. I stumbled across this company and so glad I did. They state the EO candles are only lightly scented, but to someone who hasn’t had a candle in years, they seem great!! Lots of scent. I love Cinnamon Orange and Cedarwood Patchouli. Can’t wait to try the holiday one!"


"I bought the lavender EO candle to give as a gift. My SIL absolutely loved it. She loves having a clean candle that smells of freshly harvested lavender!"


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"I have always been disappointed in other brand candles. After awhile you can't really smell them anymore and seemed to always give me a headache so I would have to put them out. Fontana does NOT disappoint!! Fantastic scent to the very end and because they are natural, no headache! Thrilled I found Fontana Candle Co!"



"I’m tired of toxic candles. You can smell the difference with your candles. Good job!"


"Having my son has made me think twice about everything I do and everything I use so I’ve been educating myself and slowly switching the products I use. Candles were one of the last things for me because I didn’t think there was a good alternative until I found Fontana Candle Co!"


"The Cinnamon Orange Clove EO smells SO good. Everyone in the office loves it."​

Melissa, CEO of Honeybee Gardens