Natural Lip Balm

    Non-Toxic Lip Care That’s MADE SAFE® Certified

    Discover The Best In Non-Toxic Lip Care

    Traditional lip balms can be full of artificial dyes, flavors, fragrances, and synthetic waxes. At Fontana, we believe skin care products should be free from toxins. Our collection of natural lip balms is crafted with safe, natural ingredients to ensure your lips stay soft, hydrated, and free from harmful chemicals.

    That’s why Fontana has decided to use our signature coconut oil and beeswax blend to hand pour our own non-toxic lip balms!

    Why Choose Natural Lip Balm?

    Not only is lip balm applied directly to your skin, some of the product is inevitably consumed since it is applied to your lips. According to PIRG’s usage data, women consume up to a pound of lipstick every two years. We believe what goes on your lips and into your body should be safe.

    Safety First: No Toxins, Just Nature

    Traditional lip balms often contain synthetic ingredients and petroleum derivatives that can be harmful when ingested. Our lip balms are free from fragrance, petroleum and other harmful chemicals. In fact, our lip balms are MADE SAFE® certified, so you can trust only the safest ingredients are going on your lips. 

    Beeswax: Nature's Barrier

    Beeswax acts as a natural barrier, locking in moisture and protecting your lips from the environment. Our lip balms harness the power of ethically harvested beeswax, combined with nourishing coconut oil, to provide long-lasting hydration.

    Naturally Curious? We’ve Got Answers!

    At Fontana, when we say "natural," we're referring to ingredients that are derived directly from plants, animals, or minerals and are minimally processed.

    In essence, our commitment to you is to use ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible, ensuring both safety and efficacy. We believe in transparency and simplicity in our ingredient lists, ensuring that our customers know exactly what they're putting on their skin.

    Why don't you use petroleum in your lip balms?

    Petroleum-based products can actually seal off the skin, preventing moisture from escaping or entering your lips. This also blocks your pores, trapping dead skin, bacteria, and anything else underneath before applying it.

    Are your lip balms safe for sensitive skin?

    Absolutely! Our natural ingredients are gentle on the skin. We also have a completely fragrance-free lip balm for anyone sensitive to strong scents.

    However, if you have allergies, we recommend checking the ingredient list before use.

    Why is beeswax a key ingredient in your lip balms?

    Beeswax is a natural moisturizer that also provides a breathable but protective layer against environmental elements. It's ethically harvested and a key component in our lip balms to ensure your lips stay soft and protected.

    How do you ensure the purity of your ingredients?

    At Fontana, we're committed to transparency. Every ingredient we use is carefully sourced and chosen for its natural properties. We are committed to only making products that we ourselves would use. To help ensure we’re living up to this commitment, we put our products through the MADE SAFE® certification process.

    How often should I apply your lip balm?

    Our lip balms are designed to provide long-lasting hydration. However, you can apply as often as needed, especially during dry or cold conditions.

    Do you test your products on animals?

    Absolutely not! At Fontana, we believe in cruelty-free practices. None of our products are tested on animals.

    How long does a tube of Fontana lip balm last?

    The longevity of a lip balm tube depends on individual usage. However, with regular use, a tube typically lasts several months. Remember, a little goes a long way!