A Little Less Toxic Honey Lemonade

A Little Less Toxic Honey Lemonade

When Shawna Holman, @alittlelesstoxic, visited us in Fall of 2023, she was adamant that she wanted to create a scent that was reminiscent of a lemon drop candy at the bottom of her grandmother's purse.

We pulled out our library of essential oils and got to work. Shawna quickly narrowed down her favorite essential oils: lemon, vanilla, bergamot, and rosemary. After extensive mixing and sniffing, the bergamot was removed from consideration.

It took several iterations to capture just the right amount of each of the oils.


We think we captured just that with this warm and sweet scent, with a slightly sour note.

Shawna's describes her candle for you:

"It’s got a retro spring vibe. Kind of like a classic lemon drop candy my grandma always had on hand for me when I was growing up. Reminds me of the sun coming out and warming up and makes me wanna make a fresh jug of my honey lemonade!"

When we found out that Shawna makes Honey Lemonade regularly at home, we knew that was the most fitting name for this delicious lemon candle.

This stunning candle comes in an eye-catching iridescent yellow glass vessel that can be repurposed as an elegant planter. Plant the seeded dust cover (yes! There's wildflower seeds in the dust cover!) in soil, water it daily, and watch as your wildflower garden flourishes.
Shawna knows that you may want to sip and savor a delicious glass of her A Little Less Toxic Honey Lemonade while you are enjoying your candle. She shares her recipe here just for you:

ALLT Honey Lemonade

Yield: 1 gallon


10 cups filtered water

2 -2.5 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice (depending on how tart you like it)

1 cup raw honey (local honey if you can get it)

Pinch of fine salt


1. Place all of the ingredients in a large container such as a pitcher, or a couple 64-ounce mason jars with lids.

 2. Stir to combine, or be extra like me and use an immersion blender.

 3. Chill and serve.


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