Founders' Favorites: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Founders' Favorites: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

For Mother's Day we've compiled our favorite products and goodies to tell the women in your life "thank you!" 


For the Mom with a Sweet Tooth

Olipop Soda: Olipop magically recreates everyone's favorite soda flavors with all-natural ingredients. Gift your mom a nostalgically sweet treat with prebiotics and less than 5 grams of sugar per can! Use code SODALOVE at checkout for 15% off your order!

Spiced Latte Wax Melts: Fontana's year-round best seller is the perfect gift for coffee lovers! These wax melts are scented with a mix of our coffee, Ginger, Nutmeg, and Clove pure essential oils for a sweet and bold coffee smell. 

Unreal Chocolate: Unreal chocolate recreated iconic chocolate treats without any of the junk: only simple ingredients, less sugar, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners! 

Taylor Chip x Fontana Candle: Fontana customers can't get enough of our limited-edition collaboration candle with Taylor Chip. We keep hearing that the Freshly Baked candle really does smell like cookies straight out of the oven 🍪


Something Comfy

Simply Organic Bamboo Bedding: These ridiculously soft sheets are made from sustainably and organically grown bamboo and are certified free of harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX®. Give your mom the best night of sleep she's had since you were born 😉

Pact Pajamas: These lightweight organic cotton pajamas are perfect for warmer weather. Their pajama pants come in four bold patterns and are perfect for a stylish breakfast in bed. 

Allbirds Sneakers: Allbirds' original sneakers are hard to beat. Made from sustainably sourced Merino wool, these shoes are soft, comfortable, supportive, and even machine-washable! 


For the Minimalist Mom

A Subscription to Headspace: If your mom is tough to shop for, gift her less stress and better sleep! The Headspace app offers meditations and mindfulness tools to support your biggest supporter! 

Flowers from Olivia's Flower Truck: Flowers are a classic Mother's Day gift for a reason. This year, send her flowers locally grown in Pennsylvania! 

Lemongrass Eucalyptus Bath Soak: Fontana bath soaks are made with a mix of Dead Sea Salt and Epsom salt providing a soothing and relaxing bath. Our Lemongrass Eucalyptus essential oil scent is our favorite fresh and spa-like scent. 

Gift an Experience: Book a Local Yoga Class or Sip & Paint session for some quality time with her! 


For Moms Beginning their Low-Tox Lifestyle

RISE by MINDSHFT HEALTH: RISE is a self-paced, functional medicine course that provides answers and strategies so you can understand your body, achieve vibrant health, and sustain it long term. Jennifer Wheeler has worked with our Founder, Katie, one on one to help solve her hormonal imbalances. The insights that Jennifer has given Katie have been life changing!

360 Cookwear: Conventional pots and pans with nonstick coatings are often toxic. Stainless steel bake wear from 360 is the perfect uncoated replacement and a beautiful addition to any kitchen! 

Rosemary Mint Candle: This light and herbal scent is perfect for Spring. Bring the garden inside with our blend of Rosemary, Basil, and spearmint pure essential oils. 

Purity Coffee Subscription: Purity coffee is a brand with standards as high as our own! We love their Ease blend, which is made specifically for easy digestion. Their coffee is certified organic, sustainably grown, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and mold/mycotoxin-free. 

a healthier home by Shawna Holman:  We love reading for self-care, and we love Shawna! This is our essential nontoxic living guide on how to reduce toxins in your home, room by room. 

Essential Oil & Wool Dryer Balls: One of the easiest nontoxic swaps to make is from scented dryer sheets to Wool Dryer Balls. Not only do they reduce static in your dryer, but you can add your own nontoxic scent by adding a few drops of your favorite Fontana essential oil blend! 

Koala Eco Home and Cleaning Products: Koala Eco is our new favorite cleaning brand. Scented with Australian essential oils, these cleaning products work better than any other natural brand we've tried and make your home smell amazing! 

Teaonic Iced Teas: These pure and simple iced teas are brewed to support your organs and your health. Teaonic has formulated different infusions of herbal tea, roots, and leaves to support a specific part of your body! 


Supplies for the Perfect Spa DayAleavia Skincare: Aleavia makes a prebiotic, plant-based skincare line to support your body from the outside in! We love their scents so much, we made a Honeysuckle candle with their oils! 

Honeybee Gardens Body Care & Cosmetics: Honeybee Gardens is a great natural alternative to traditional (and often toxic) makeup. They offer every type of makeup and skincare that you could be looking for, and even offer sample sets to find your color match! 

100% Pure Makeup: Just like their name promises, 100% Pure makes completely pure and natural makeup. They even offer a full line of fruit-pigmented makeup of all the daily essentials. 

Bath Soak & Candle Bundle: Our Treat Yourself Bundle is the perfect spa day kit. Light a candle and draw a bath to fully decompress from the day. We offer this bundle in our floral Lavender or Wildflower Citrus scents! 


For the Glam Mom

Able Jewelry: ABLE is a woman-run and focused company making sustainable apparel and jewelry. Their simple pieces are the perfect accessory to any outfit. 

De Soi Mocktails: De Soi is an amazing, healthy alternative if you love to have a cocktail to wind down but don't want the alcohol. Their non-alcoholic aperitifs come in three varieties and contain no artificial flavors or colors. 

Fair Anita Jewelry: Fair Anita makes beautiful and unique jewelry, focusing their buisness around equity and sustainability. Each piece is created by artisan groups scattered around the world. 


A Gift for Your Mom and the Bees

Regional Wildflower Seed Mix: Gift your mom a garden of native flowers! Planting regional wildflowers attracts and supports local pollinators like bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds. 

Bee Drinking Cup: These garden stakes give pollinators a shallow and safe drinking source - help them hydrate by just watering your plants! 

Wild Bee House: Support wild bees and give them a small sanctuary in your backyard!

*Transparent talk! Since we love these brands so much, we may have an affiliate relationship with them. If you make a purchase through the above links, we may earn a small affiliate commission. There is no additional cost to you.