Pure Essential Oils by Fontana

    The Fontana Scents You Love, Now Ready To Diffuse

    We started Fontana Candle Co. with the goal of creating safe, all-natural products from high-quality ingredients. Because traditional fragrance oils contain harmful chemicals, we decided to use pure essential oils to scent our candles. Many of our customers who enjoyed our candles asked if our scents were available as essential oils. We’re happy to share our new product line: Essentials by Fontana.

    Just like our candles, our essential oils are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients. Know that you're scenting your home with safe products that won’t harm you or your family!

    Diffusing Our Essential Oils In Your Home

    Essentials by Fontana are therapeutic grade, pure, and undiluted. They are formulated for use in a diffuser. We recommend using an ultrasonic oil diffuser for our essential oils. 

    Because ultrasonic diffusers don’t use heat, the essential oils released by this type of diffuser are not denatured. Instead, the oil is carried in small water droplets as a fine mist. You can view our FAQs page to learn more about using our essential oils.

    We Believe In Safety And Transparency  

    We are passionate about natural health and wellness. The health and safety of our customers is at the heart of Fontana. That’s why we believe the air you breathe is as important as the food you eat or drink - and it should be as safe! 

    Our products have been independently tested to ensure they’re free of carcinogens, harmful VOCs, toxic solvents, and more. 

    None of our ingredients or products are ever tested on animals, and we are certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program.