Founder's Favorites: Summer Products

Founder's Favorites: Summer Products

As the weather gets warmer, the days get longer, and we have slightly more free time because it is not candle season! This is our time to recharge; time to get outside! We are sharing our favorite Summer products: perfect for hydrating, skin safety, and refreshing treats. Whether you are traveling or spending your afternoons at the pool at home, we have picked our favorite products for all those fun Summer activities!

 Go Think Sunscreen- I must admit that when I was younger, I did not appreciate my skin and did not prioritize protecting it. Once I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in 2020, my attitude towards protecting and caring for my skin changed drastically.  I have to trust a product 100% to feel confident placing it on my skin, and I can attest that I love the Think brand. Right now I use these products daily:

Think Everyday Face Sunscreen-Naturally Tinted

mineral based Everyday Face SPF lotion

Thinksport Sunscreen Stick

 think sport SPF 30 sunscreen stick



Aleavia Skincare- It is no secret that we love Aleavia Skincare and right now there is nothing we love more than taking a refreshing cold shower with Aleavia's body cleanses.

 Our favorite scent for the Summer?

Aleavia Skincare Honeysuckle Cleanse

Green Tea Honeysuckle!

Organic coconut oil combines with organic Acadian sea kelp, aloe vera and Dead-Sea Salt to purify your skin and infuse it with moisture. The delicate honeysuckle flower offers a subtle fragrance but is packed full of antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium.

Honeysuckle oil helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles promoting the growth of new cells for a beautiful rejuvenated look. By adding organic raw honey, it helps your skin look younger, more vibrant, and gives you a beautiful natural glow.



Just Ingredients SPF tinted lip balm-

Just Ingredients SPF Tinted Lip Balm

Dry, chapped lips are never fun! We are loving the Very Berry lip balm. An SPF lip balm made with organic jojoba oil and beeswax to moisturize and nourish the lips + zinc oxide and castor oil for SPF 15 protection. What else could we ask for?


Nooma for Hydration- I love to run, but staying hydrated in the hot weather can be tough! NOOMA's Organic Lemonade Sports Drink is my go-to after every run. It is USDA Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and has no added sugar!


Branch Basics - Keeping Summer whites actually white and bright can be a challenge! We love Branch Basic's Oxygen Boost for this task!

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost


This product is MADE SAFE, which you know we love and it boosts the power of their concentrate for use in laundry, stains and grout. Say goodbye to bleach, ammonia, fragrance, and dyes!


Iced Peach Ginger Black Tea- I love Pique teas because they are USDA Certified Organic and Triple Toxin-Screened for heavy metals, pesticides, and toxic mold. The Peach Ginger Black Tea is an irresistible blend of the finest black teas, ginger and peach. Earthy, tangy, and sweet. It is perfect on ice on hot Summer afternoons!


Soda Stream Organic Kombucha Variety Pack- Sparkling water fans, you should consider getting a Soda Stream! They have a line of Organic flavors, and the Organic Kombucha Pack is a Summer staple! The Kombucha concentrates are traditionally brewed in small batches over 45 days. They then apply an innovative cold-fill, in-vessel, passive pasteurizing technique, with probiotic top-ups at the end to ensure a quality shelf stable kombucha. Enjoy sharp, sour, punchy aromas with delicate notes of apple and peach and the ultimate combination of sweet and tart, with exotic passionfruit and soft tones of mandarin.

Soda Stream Organic Kombucha

Simply Organic Bamboo - Duvet Cover-

- a blanket in the Summer? For people like me who are always freezing in the Air Conditioning, yes! This duvet cover is a must have! Certified organically-grown bamboo by ECOCERT® and certified free of harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Simply Organic Bamboo Duvet Cover

Designed with a sateen weave that glides easily over your skin and feels softer than cotton. Did you know that Bamboo grows faster and uses significantly less water than cotton, making it the perfect renewable resource?

Fontana Home Sprays- Lemon Orange Blossom or Lemongrass Eucalyptus -

Spray & Renew with our 100% natural MADE SAFE® certified home spray. Using our favorite ingredients, like our pure essential oils, that stay true to our heritage; our home spray is a fun way to fill your home with the non-toxic scents you trust. Personally, its Lemon Orange Blossom in every room of our house this Summer!

Kinfield Golden Hour DEET-Free Repellent - A clean bug spray that works DEET-free, the way it should be. This first-of-its-kind formula repels mosquitos with a unique strain of Indonesian citronella that's more effective than any other we've found. But don't worry, we put it through independent trials just to be sure. Golden Hour does the trick, and smells amazing, too—think a little bit citrus, a little bit vanilla. We love that our good friends at Live Healthillie carry this spray!

Daily Harvest Smoothies - These are an absolute must have for hot Summer days! This is my favorite way to get my daily allotment of organic fruits and veggies into my diet. Our top smoothie? Cacao Avocado!

Daily Harvest Smoothies


Want to give them a try? Use our code RE-6Y7DM9D for up to $40 off your first box!

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo- For days when you're in a hurry or when washing/drying your hair feels like too big of a task, this dry shampoo will be your new best friend. Kaolin clay and organic arrowroot powder absorb moisture while adding texture and volume.

Since I have more free time on my hands, it is my goal to make one new recipe a week! Our friend Mary, at Mary's Whole Life, has delicious gluten free and dairy free recipes!

Happy Summer!! xoxo, Katie

Katie Roering, Founder


*Transparent talk! Since we love these brands so much, we may have an affiliate relationship with them. If you make a purchase through the above links, we may earn a small affiliate commission. There is no additional cost to you.