We're proud to be Mostly Crunchy! Special Giveaway!

We're proud to be Mostly Crunchy! Special Giveaway!

Have you ever faced criticism from your friends, family, or even fellow wellness fanatics for not adhering strictly to the "crunchy" lifestyle? For instance, our team has faced backlash on social media for something as simple as having acrylic nails!

We believe it is unrealistic for most people to live a 100% crunchy lifestyle. While there are individuals who manage this, we advocate that even the smallest change is a positive stride forward. It's crucial to support one another in the changes we do make, instead of criticizing the changes we fail to make!

At Fontana, we believe in a balanced approach to life. This might be called the 80/20 lifestyle, or simply acknowledging that we all have those less-than-crunchy guilty pleasures we enjoy occasionally. Whether it's savoring a glass of wine at a celebration, treating yourself to an ice cream on a sweltering summer day, or sticking with a beloved skincare product, it's about finding joy in moderation!

Are you proud to be mostly crunchy too?! Join the Fontana Team and sport your own Mostly Crunchy apparel by shopping our collection here.

The Mostly Crunchy Contest:

We want to invite you to join our campaign and share with your friends, family and social media followers the non-toxic swaps you've yet to make and may never make.

Whether you decide to get the shirt or not, your next step is to post a video on Instagram by July 17th, using the phrase:

“I am mostly crunchy because I swapped out ________, but I have not (or will not) give up ________.”

The aim of our campaign is to challenge the shaming that can sometimes be found within the crunchy community online. We aspire to create an environment where our followers feel welcomed, embracing the notion that perfection is not a prerequisite for belonging.

Please include #FontanaMostlyCrunchy in your post so we can see and share your contributions.

The Grand Prize:

On July 18th, we will randomly select a video tagged with #FontanaMostlyCrunchy, and the person who posted it will win our Grand Mostly Crunchy Giveaway! This prize has an $800 value!

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