Fontana: The Rebrand

Fontana: The Rebrand
Since our inception in 2018, Fontana Candle Company has undergone significant transformations and remarkable growth. What began in a basement with our founders, Katie and Eric Roering, has now blossomed into a 6500 sq ft warehouse in Lancaster, PA. Our dedicated team of 10 employees manages production, shipping, marketing, and customer service entirely in-house.
Katie and Eric place an emphasis on continuous improvement in all aspects of the business. Nothing is ever perfect, but we are always learning and pivoting. We have continuously developed and launched new scents and products that have found a place in your homes and hearts. As our customers evolve, we believe it is time for the Fontana brand to undergo a makeover to stay aligned with the ever-changing times and trends.
In January 2024, we initiated discussions on rebranding Fontana. After gathering feedback from our customers and retailers, it was clear that they desired a cleaner look. Inspired by nontoxic brands with impressive packaging, labels, and designs, we embarked on our research journey.

We admired RxBar's rebranding efforts, which emphasized ingredient transparency, positioning their product as a healthy choice and setting it apart from other healthy snack bars. Similarly, we drew inspiration from Olipop, whose use of color and design effectively communicates the flavor, while also promoting themselves as a superior soda alternative. Our goal is to create a rebrand for Fontana that aligns with these principles, offering both aesthetic appeal and clear, honest messaging.
Our designer, Meg Yoder, who has previously worked for Anthropologie, a brand known for its clean and trendy styles, has been an invaluable part of our team for several years. Meg is the creative force behind Fontana's current labels and product designs. While our team has cherished our branding over the past few years, it was Meg who proposed a fresh rebrand for Fontana.
“I wanted to shift the brand towards a more playful presentation that embodies Fontana’s bubbly personality. Admittedly, we’ve made small tweaks over the last 6 years but 2024 felt like a turning point to reimagine with fresh eyes. I’m so proud of the result! The new packaging balances a cheerful color palette, cleaner typography, and a modern rendition of Katie’s favorite brand illustrations. This approach gives plenty of room to grow with Fontana as it continues its mission to provide non-toxic home scenting."
Our iconic bee motif became a focal point in our rebranding discussions. Katie, initially hesitant to part with our signature design featured on products like our Luxe paper tubes, found it challenging to let go. However, after numerous discussions, examples, and mock-ups, Katie decided to trust Meg's expertise and allowed her to remove the bee motif from our packaging.
We are excited to introduce new packaging for our candles and wax melts. Each product will now come in a custom-designed box, providing a cleaner look for our labels, while preserving the storytelling we cherish. Each scent will have its own box, with colors coordinated to match the scent, elevating the product's presentation. This new packaging also offers us more space to share our story.
At Fontana Candle Company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to 100% ingredient transparency. Unlike many brands, which aren’t required by the FDA to list candle ingredients, we believe in full disclosure so our customers know exactly what they're bringing into their homes. Our upcoming rebrand will emphasize this commitment by featuring clear, bold ingredient lists on our labels. The new design will include a full-color candle label that complements the box design while remaining elegant and versatile to suit various home decor styles.
In our rebranding, you'll notice a prominent emphasis on the terms "beeswax" and "essential oils," clearly indicating that our candles are nontoxic. While our loyal customers already recognize us for our clean, nontoxic ingredients, we aim for our products to stand out on store shelves amid other candles. Our unique ingredients set us apart, and we want our rebranding to reflect this distinction effectively.
With this rebrand, we aim to stay recognizable to our loyal customers who have trusted us for years. Additionally, we hope it will help us expand our customer base and secure placements in larger retailers we aspire to partner with in the future. Our commitment to environmental sustainability remains unwavering; we continue to ensure that our products, vessels, and packaging are recyclable, repurposable, or reusable, as they have always been.