What's New at Fontana?

What's New at Fontana?

If you haven't purchased from us since last Fall, you might notice that Fontana looks a bit different this year!

This is because we've been hard at work developing new scents, making adjustments to our packaging, and creating new products!

Let's catch you up on some of the most recent changes:

Our Wax Melts have been (re) repackaged! Early last year we swapped our wax melt cubes for wax pucks with our bee motif and designed custom gift boxes for them! We thought that the gift boxes would be more protective, faster for our team to pack, and more presentable for retail... but that wasn't the case. We love our new wax pucks with the bee motifs, but now they're back in the jars!

Since last year, our 14 oz tin has disappeared! This is because they weren't nearly as popular as our jars and had a higher defect rate than we would have liked. But our large size isn't gone forever - we have replaced them with our 10 oz Luxe Vessel! This will come in a smoky glass vessel with a minimal label for our fans who love candles as home decor! Our custom packaging hasn't arrived just yet, but they are shipping in sophisticated black tubes for now - they are still perfect for holiday gifting!


Our Home Spray Collection has changed too! We weren't fans of the spray bottles we were using, so we found a nicer, sleek bottle! Now our sprays don't have to be used at home, but are also great as car freshener or body spray, since some scents are skin-safe! And even though our bottles are smaller, there's no need to worry about shrinkflation - we've adjusted the price with the change in size!


Since last year, we've also branched out into more skincare products including Bar Soap and Lip Balms! Both have been formulated with the same standards and ingredients in mind. Our lip balms are poured in-house by our production team with the same food-grade coconut oil that's in our candles! They feature skin-safe essential oils from many of our most popular scents and are MADESAFE Certified nontoxic.

And while we decided to leave the soap-making to the professionals, they're still made nearby in Vermont with our customized, nontoxic, and MADE SAFE approved formula!

And because we know that shipping can be expensive, we got rid of our flat-rate shipping option... because every order $35+ now ships free!

We also bundled some of our most popular products to help you with your holiday shopping, and to help save you some money! Our bundles are at least 10% off of list price AND can now these savings can be stacked with coupon codes.

 What changes would you like to see next? Let us know, we'd love to hear your feedback!