Citrus Peel & Pine Essential Oil Candles
Citrus Peel & Pine Essential Oil Candles
Citrus Peel & Pine Essential Oil Candles
Citrus Peel & Pine Essential Oil Candles
Citrus Peel & Pine Essential Oil Candles
Citrus Peel & Pine Essential Oil Candles

Citrus Peel & Pine Essential Oil Candles

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All your favorite aromas of the holiday season, combined into one festive non-toxic scented candle! Notes of fragrant orange clove pomanders, swirled with fresh cut pine. This scent is one of our best-selling candles!


Cocus Nucifera (coconut oil), Apis Mellifeca (beeswax), OLEUM ABIES SIBIRICA (steam distilled fraser fir needle), CINNAMOMUM CASSIA (steam distilled cassia), CITRUS SINENSIS (cold pressed sweet orange) 

MADE SAFE® certified. Free of any and all toxins known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems!

Heat Warning:

Protect your order from heat: Because we do not use any stabilizers or preservatives in our candles, they do not do well in excess heat. We take as many precautions as possible to ensure that your order arrives in tip-top shape in the warmest of weather, and ship with ice packs to areas experiencing hot weather. Please note the ice packs only protect the candles for approximately 24-48 hours. If you are experiencing warm weather where you live, please keep an eye on your tracking number. We highly recommend being home for delivery, or taking your package into a climate controlled area as soon as possible after delivery.

Essential oil candles have a very light scent when burned. Please do not expect it to fill a room with scent. 


This scent is sheer, soft and subtle.

*Perceptions of scent can vary greatly from one person to another. Our scent strength scale measures the intensity of our scents as interpreted by a consensus of loyal customers.

**Essential oil candles have a very light scent when burned. Please do not expect it to fill a room with scent. 

Finding your favorite Fontana scents

All sizes contain a wooden wick that crackles when it burns.

4 oz. Mini Jar 20 Hours
6 oz. Tin 20 - 25 Hours
9 oz. Jar
35 - 40 Hours
14 oz. Tin
55 - 60 Hours
Wax Melts*
20 - 25 Hours

*Wax Melts contain between 9 - 12 cubes per jar (depending on weight). 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jessica Scalf

This candle smells so good. A nice light scent. Love Fontana candle company!

Lovely Scent Perfection in a Candle

Since finding the best candle company-Fontana-I have been exploring their scents. This scent by far is one of my favorites. It is the perfect scent for late fall and winter months bringing the sweetness of the fruit along with the outdoor pine inside for a refreshing and uplifting aroma. A must try!

Smells amazing

The Citrus and Pine smells so good and is a gentle scent to have in the background. I was thrilled to find a candle without soy that was clean. I have a family member who has anaphylactic reactions to airborne soy with a disease she has. I had her smell the candle to ensure this was safe to burn around her and she had no negative side effects from it!

Wonderful Scent!

I love the pure scent of this candle. I bought a few of these for Christmas gifts. I gave one to a friend and her husband said "this is the first candle we've ever had that actually smells like a pine tree." She was amazed at how excited he was about a candle! Candles with a stronger fragrance used to cause some kind of allergic reaction for me but your candles leave a wonderful scent and are a perfect accent for any home with pets as well as they are safe for everyone. Thank you for creating such a great candle! I will continue to use these in my home and am excited to try all the scents.

Heidi Hamm
Citrus and Pine

This candle has a really pleasant scent. I feel it could be used year round. I love that it is chemical free. I will be buying more soon!

Make Your Candle Last

We want you to have a great experience with your Fontana Candle so we are sharing tips we have discovered to create an optimal burn!

Because Fontana Candles are hand-made from natural ingredients, slight variations are to be expected. Beeswax expands and contracts, resulting in small cracks.

Always store your candle in a cool, dry place at room temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight and high humidity. Be sure to store your candle with the lid on.

Burning Instructions:

The first time you burn your candle is extremely important. Allow the candle to burn until the melted wax reaches the edge of the container. This should take between 2 and 3 hours in our 14 oz candle. Burning the candle this length of time will prevent the wax from tunneling on the side of the jar. Candles that have tunneling have severely reduced burn time. The burn time will also be severely reduced if you burn your candles for longer periods of time. If you plan on burning your candles for longer than 3-4 hours at a time, we do recommend the large 14 ounce tin as that size is most suited for extended burn times.

It is also important to limit your burn time to approximately 3 to 4 hours, especially when burning the smaller 6 ounce tins. The wax and container get extremely hot. Please do not touch the container while your candle is burning. As always, burn your candle on a flat, flame retardant surface and never leave it unattended. If your wick becomes unstuck from the bottom of the jar or tin and travels to the edge, please stop burning it immediately. The jar can shatter if this occurs for too long. This typically occurs at the very end of the candle's burn. We recommend burning our tins on a coaster, and not directly on your furniture. The tin lid makes a perfect coaster! Please read the Candle Warning label located on the bottom of the candle.

We have found that the optimal burn for our candles is achieved with a short wick. Our wicks burn best when they are trimmed to approximately 1/4." This will require you to periodically trim the wick. No special tools are needed! This can be done by snapping the burnt ends off with your fingers. If your flame gets larger than 1 ½”, please extinguish the candle and allow it to cool. Once your candle cools, you can trim your wick to approximately ¼” to ½”. Remove the wick trimmings before relighting your candle.