Acts of Sourdough x Fontana Collab Candle

Acts of Sourdough x Fontana Collab Candle

$39.99 USD

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Coconut oil

Pure essential oils

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Handcrafted in the US

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gorgeous packaging! Very giftable!

Nostalgic scent of baking in the kitchen!

K Walker
Smells so cozy!

We love this one!! Burning it when it's rainy is super cozy!!

mike zielonka
Just Like the Real Thing 🍞

I could smell this thru the computer! I'm so excited! I know it Smells so good!

Nice but not as expected

I've purchased a lot of Fontana candles. I love their mission, their commitment to clean products etc. While I have really enjoyed my other candles I have to be honest that the acts of sourdough was a bit disappointing. When I first received it it didn't have much of a scent. It was bland smelling with a very miniscule hint of scent. So I decided to burn it thinking maybe the scent would become enhanced. While I could get a very faint smell when standing very close to it...the scent diminished as I walked a little further away. I understand the use of natural oils doesn't leave a strong fragrance but I felt this scent fell short especially compared to others like honey Lemonade which smells amazing but not overpowering. As a professional baker also I felt the sourdough name was a little misfit as it didn't give any real hints of sourdough. Trial and error for sure. I'm sure the folks at Fontana can improve this particular scent for all with a little tweaking.

Honest review

I was so very excited about this candle and now I am left feeling disappointed. I received it and burned it and it does not smell anything like sourdough. I make a lot of sourdough recipes so I was very excited to showcase this in my kitchen. What was even more disappointing is that on Fontana’s IG, their team did a blind scent test with the candle and a piece of sourdough bread and some folks could not tell the difference. I find that very hard to believe after smelling this candle. I cannot believe I paid $40 for such a small candle that doesn’t smell anything like sourdough, but more like a faint baby lotion scent. The hype surrounding the launch of this candle seems like a major letdown. It truly saddens me to leave such a poor review, but I feel a bit deceived. Just felt the need to share so anyone considering purchasing can have low expectations. Also, the label on my jar is crooked. :/

Hi there! We're sorry you're not enjoying your Sourdough candle. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a sourdugh or baked bread essential oil that does not contain fragrance. It can be very difficult to recreate scents that do not exist as essential oils, yet we often are asked to try. Courtney from Acts of Sourdough said it best when she said this candle smells like all the phases in making sourdough, from starter to baking. As for our smell test video, all of the reponses from our staff were genuine and we have learned from experience that smell can be very subjective. We apologize if you have felt deceived, but we do provide 100% ingredient transparency so that our customers can read the ingredients and make the best informed decision for their health and for their expectations of the scent. If you have a received a crooked label, please reach out to our customer care team for help at

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