Our 100% Natural Lip Balms

MADE SAFE® Certified | Sustainable Paper Packaging

Traditional lip balms contain a number of harmful ingredients, many of which are known carcinogens, toxins, and irritants. Many lip balms use a paraffin or petroleum wax base, which are petrol-byproducts, in addition to unnecessary additives like artificial fragrance, flavoring, and coloring.


We believe that ingredients matter.

Not only is this product applied directly to the skin, some of the product is inevitably consumed since it is applied to your lips. According to The Public Interest Research Group's usage data, “some women are ingesting a pound of lipstick every two years.”

We’re using simple and pure ingredients, all listed on the packaging: coconut oil and shea butter for hydration, ethically harvested beeswax, and our own blends of pure essential oils.

We were thinking about the environment with this collection too! Our custom paper lip balm tubes are made using compostable and naturally biodegradable materials, FSC certified papers, and vegetable-based inks. No plastic for us in this collection!


Don't just take our word for it.

With the green washing and the misuse of the terms natural and non-toxic in the personal care industry, this is the best way to convey to customers that our products are created with the safest ingredients and highest standards.

The MADE SAFE® seal confirms that a household product is free of any and all toxins known or suspected to harm human health, animals, or ecosystems. Certified goods have been thoroughly examined by researchers and scientists to ensure they’re made without known behavioral toxins, carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, flame retardants, heavy metals, neurotoxins, high risk pesticides, reproductive toxins, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs

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