Why Choose Wax Melts for Non Toxic Home Scenting?

Why Choose Wax Melts for Non Toxic Home Scenting?

Why choose Wax Melts?

If you’re reading this, chances are you understand the obvious appeal of a candle: a warm, flickering flame diffusing a comforting (and clean!) scent. So why do so many Fontana Customers choose our wax melts over our candles? 

Wax warmers and melts work the same way candles do, by heating wax in order to diffuse essential oils. The major difference between burning one of our candles and using our wax melts is that there is no open flame required for wax melts. Electric wax warmers (like we have on our site) heat wax to a controlled temperature over a lightbulb.

  1. Wax melts are the perfect flame-free candle alternative whether you’re a college student living in campus dormitories, or the owner of a cat who loves to push things off the coffee table. 
  2. Wax melts allow you to choose how much scent to diffuse at a certain time! While our candles can only contain a certain amount of essential oils since they are flammable, you can choose to melt more or less wax melts depending on the scent strength you prefer! Some diffusers even allow you to control the melting temperature of the wax, if you want all the scent diffused quickly, or to let it simmer. If you want a stronger scent throw, feel free to add more drops of your favorite EO blends!
  3. Candles can be a cute decor item for your home, and so can your wax melter. Our Harmony and Illuminated wax warmers look just as nice as an accessory on your nightstand as they do while they’re lit up. 

What makes Fontana Candle Co.'s Wax Melts so special? 

At Fontana Candle Co., we believe wax melts should not only make your home smell nice, but they should be safe for you and your family. That’s why our wax melts use all-natural ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and pure essential oils for scent. We provide 100% ingredient transparency and are proud to be MADE SAFE® certified!  

Fontana candles are free of fragrance oils and other harmful ingredients, like paraffin. Instead, we use pure essential oils to create a range of non-toxic candle scents - from light citrus to rich floral aromas.

Whether you have sensitivities to traditional candles or simply want a safer alternative, Fontana’s all-natural wax melts make a perfect addition to your home or office.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of wax melts or want to give them a try, you’ll love our new wax melt design! It’s still the same amount of wax as our old wax melts, only in a new bee wax puck and gift box!